Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yep, it happened. I got a cell phone. And it's a fancy schmancy nancy smartphone, which is the excuse I give for not updating this here blog for so long. (Couldn't figure out how to upload pics). But don't you fret nor frown because we are ALIVE and WELL! All of us! Even the kids! Here are a handful of pics from the last month or so including: haircuts, Easter, Grammie and Grandpa Walbruch visit (complete with a freezing cold/rainy spring break beach trip). Come baaaaaack guys...the LOW this week is 72 I promise!,and some randoms. Not much earth-shattering news here at the Walbruchs. Just pluggin along, doin our thang. 7 more weeks before Nate's off for the summer. I'm not sure if he looks forward to it quite as much as I do LOL! Love to you all!!!
I know you'd never get it from the pic, but Hannah is reeeeally into accessories these days. On any given morning we've got hair bows, baby clips, headband, necklaces, beads,do-dads ...I mean - anything she can get her hands on. She just feels fabulous about her look...and I love it! After I snapped this picture she said "Hey! Maybe I could go put some perfume on!" 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hannah's First Christmas Program

Sometimes I feel like I'm runnin' a 24/7 daycare around here with my own four kids but EIGHTEEN 4-5 year olds...bless those teachers' hearts! All teachers for that matter. Anyway, I got a babysitter for the little girls and at the last minute decided to let Ellie skip her nap and come with...which proved to be a fatal error;) As you'll see in the video, Ellie and I were on the second row and she wasn't going to be able to see so, while filming, I tell her to squeeze between two people on the front row and kneel on her knees so she can see. Well, before I even realize it, the little con artist slinks away from me and goes up next to Hannah and joins her class' performance. As I am vehemently whispering  to get her to come back, the audience was "awwww" ing which didn't help my case. Mrs. Riley said it was I let it go. It was kind of cute?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Inside Jokes

Well, in order to a) remember all the funny memories we made this Thanksgiving and also b) to spare you from a really long, boring post, I'm throwing up these few "a picture's worth a thousand words." images. Each picture represents some type of can't-breath-laughing fit caused by myself, Jenna, Mark, or Nate. One thing for sure: I LOVE TO LAUGH!

Q: How many pack of this stuff would 4 adults go through in 9 days?
A: About 6

Did you know IHOP actually stands for International House Of Pancakes? I didn't.

Hello Kitty Jenna?


Stretch pants + sold out show = Silliness

Jenna: "WHERE ARE MY DANG YAMS?!?!?!?!"

Best super nachos EVER!

and more to come:)

Tis The Season

Thank you Nannah for the pretty dresses!

LOL - "which one is different?"

And cookies to top it all off. Jocelyn drowning her fears in a little Sunny D:)

Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a really fun Thanksgiving this year. Jenna and Mark came from Minnesota and Correy, Teresa, Joseph, Ben, and Luke Johnson came from Ohio. 7 adults and 7 kids in a 3 bedroom house demands a little patience and a LOT of flexibility from every single person;)

 Here's Correy and Nate prepping the turkey

Will our poor toy room ever be clean? Mostly likely not. Ah well. Instead of "Where's Waldo?" Where's Luke?!?

Hannah and Jocelyn making their morning rounds out to Jenna and Marks "bedroom" aka our garage. Seriously, they were troopers!


Talkin on the phone, spreadin table cloths

Correy and Luke have some LeapPad time

This is how Uncle Mark spent about 70% of his total time here in NC

Look at these work horses!

One thing you never want to run out of: potatoes. We still have the majority of them in our fridge;)

Not too shabby for going on maximum 4 hours of sleep per night. (me in a bed, Jenna in the garage:)

Girl Power! Pretty sure Teresa will appreciate getting back to her all-boy family;)

The aftershock. Look at the kids fending for themselves LOL!

The Days

Somehow, sweet little Teresa ended up out on the tramp with ALL the kids!

Good old Aunt Jenna is always game!

I think this was a 3 hours of sleep night LOL! Her neices love her to pieces (if Hanah read that she'd say "That RHYMES. Neices. Pieces." LOL)

Feb 27th Twinners

Tia at Tiger World

Ellie chasing down a peacock

Our whole gang heading into the bowling alley

Lessons from daddy

Jocelyn was the funniest. Hauling her ball around in her little bowling shoes. I lost count how many times she smashed her fingers in between two balls.

Go Pook!

See what I mean? Yikes. She wouldn't even watch her ball go down the lane. As soon as she'd released, she would turn tail and run to get another ball LOL.

Correy teaching Joseph the ropes:)

This pic makes me laugh. There's like two kids per adult LOL! A Thanksgiving to remember, that's for sure!!!